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Diamond Huggies
Diamond Huggies
Diamond Huggies

Diamond Huggies


10k Solid Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold

VS1 White Diamonds (0.40TW)

Dimensions: 11mm D x 2mm W

Sold as a pair

Designed in Los Angeles, Handcrafted in India


Materials & Care

10k Solid Gold

Why 10k? With its composition being 10 parts pure gold and 14 parts other alloys, 10k gold is the hardest type of gold on the market making it extremely durable for fine jewelry when compared to higher karat alloys such as 14k or 18k. 10k Solid Gold is a precious metal that will
not oxidize or discolor and harder to bend or scratch.

Care: Although 10k gold is perfect for an active lifestyle and can be worn full-time, we do recommend removing prior to sleeping. Can be washed in warm water and scrubbed lightly with a toothbrush to maintain its shine!

Gold Filled
Gold Filled? Huh?- Let us explain! Not to be confused with Gold Plated, where a base metal such as brass or silver is dipped into gold to give it a temporary gold finish that will fade over time with general wear & tear. Gold Filled is a higher quality everlasting material that will not
tarnish or discolor. The very special process essentially contains a minimum of 5% 12k or 14k solid gold by weight on top of a brass core. The result is a metal with a layer of gold thick enough to maintain its color through most wear and tear. Gold Filled appears the same as if
something were made in 14k but at less than a tenth of the cost! Now that’s what we’re talking about!

Care: Even though gold filled jewelry will not tarnish, it will still get dirty. The oils from your skin transfer to the metal and need to be washed off from time to time. Just like our 10k gold, we do recommend removing prior to sleeping and can also be washed in warm water and scrubbed
lightly with a toothbrush to maintain its shine!

Sterling Silver
Composed of 92.5% sterling silver & 7.5% other alloys, it’s the best quality of silver you can get when it comes to jewelry! Not to mention, the best bang for your buck!

Care: Sterling Silver is water sensitive, so refrain from getting wet to prolong oxidation. Wear often as the oils in your skin will also help prevent your pieces from oxidizing. When you aren’t wearing, store in a BSJ pouch or non-leather jewelry box. Wipe with a jewelry cleaning cloth to bring back it’s shine. For further polishing, scrub lightly with a toothbrush under warm water but make sure to pat it dry right away.

In addition to being a girls best friend, diamonds, are one of the hardest natural substance found on earth. BSJ only uses ethically sourced high-quality diamonds (VS1 clarity) that are always conflict free.

Care: Although diamonds are one of the hardest natural substances found on earth, they still need some loving from time to time. Keep them shining bright by rinsing in warm water and scrubbing lightly with a toothbrush.

Diamond Huggies

Diamond Huggies